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Q What are the dates of Easter Jeep Safari 2025 and when is registration?

A EJS Dates are:April 12th - 20th, 2025. Registration: REGISTRATION DATES FOR THE 2025 EASTER JEEP SAFARI will be announced after Labor Day: 

Q How do I register for Easter Jeep Safari or Labor Day 2024?
A 2024 If you just registered to be a new member - logout wait a minute, then log in and click on the "And if you're ready, you can go directly to the registration grid here." on the HOME page, this will take you right to the grid.

Q When and where are the monthly Club meetings?
 Visit the About tab on this website, in the dropdown, select Membership for days, times & location of meetings.

How do I add a vehicle or change a vehicle?
Log into your profile and select Manage My Vehicles at the left of the screen.  Select a vehicle to update it, be sure to click Update at the bottom of the vehicle description once complete.  To add a vehicle, click add vehicle at the top of the screen.

Q How do I register a group on my profile?
A This is not possible on our website.  Each person must have a profile and their own vehicle profile.  You can only register one vehicle per profile on any given day - the system will then black that day out once your order is processed and you won't be able to register on the same day again.  The easy way to register a group is to put an advance profile and vehicle in for every person and then register their own trails.

Q I don't see my vehicles - where did they go?
 Your vehicles will not follow you to a new profile. If you cannot log-in due to forgotten User ID or password either contact us via e-mail or call for your User ID and password, DO NOT create a new profile.

How do I check my orders?  Am I really registered for an event?
Log into your profile and select My Orders at the left of the screen.  If you have not set up new accounts because of forgotten passwords or changed e-mails all of your order history should be available to you, just select an order to check it.  We recommend you always check your orders after placing one, if the order says FAILED or INITIATED and shows no transaction number, type of credit card or a dollar amount (proof of payment), the order did not process and you will have to enter it again.  We also recommend  not printing your order before you submit it for payment, or if you do, print it again once you have proof of payment at the bottom - this is the receipt you will need if you have a question about your order.

Q I don't see my orders - where did they go, I have my receipt?
See "How do I check my orders?" above.  Then have you created a new profile?  If that is the case you will need to contact us so we can give you the User ID and Password for the account you created your orders on and we will delete your newest profile, if it doesn't have any orders.

Q  Confirmations - Why didn't I get an e-mail confirmation of my order?
First, look in your spam folder.  Then login to your profile - is your e-mail correct, no unwanted spaces, no caps where they should not be.  After you check this, select the MY ORDERS button at the left of the screen, you can print your order from there.  (Reminder - your order should say GOOD, if it says Initiated or Failed, it did not process for payment, you will need to re-enter it.

Q  I set up my profile but didn't join as a member at that time, how do I join as a member once I already have a profile - do I have to create a new profile?
A  No, you don't have to create a new profile. Login to your profile, visit the Shop tab, select Associate Membership from the dropdown list.  Add to the cart.  You will receive your membership information in 1-2 weeks.  Welcome to the Club.

I am a Club member, but my profile doesn't show that I am - why?
The usual reason a membership can't be found is you have created a new profile.  Your membership can be connected to only one profile, if you have created a new profile, your membership has not followed you.  If you forget your User ID and/or password, e-mail or call us, please don't create a new profile.  To re-connect your membership to you, please contact us via e-mail or phone. 

Q  When is Easter Jeep Safari and when can I register? 
A  For the dates of next years Safari, see the HOME page.  For Registration dates, see the HOME page.  The Easter Jeep Safari, or Jeep Safari event, always begins the Saturday one week before Easter and includes Easter Sunday. As Easter falls on a different Sunday each year, the dates for the event change and can range from as early as March and late into April. If there is a change in this time allocation, it will be posted here at the website. The Fall Labor Day Safari Camp-Out is held on Labor Day weekend every year.

Where's the Safari Event Registration?
A  Registration and check in is located at the Spanish Trail Arena starting on the first day of "EJS" running 7am-10am each morning, and then all day Thursday & Friday which is also when the vendor exposition is held in and around the arena. The Registration area is not open on the Saturday before Easter or on Easter Sunday. The official event raffle is also held at the arena on Friday. All trails leave from different locations in and around Moab which you must check for location and departure time for each trail run-this can be found in the online Safari paper or in the Safari paper mailed to you.  For the date Registration begins - see the HOME page.

Q  Do I need a Jeep?
A  No: We allow full size street legal 4-wheel drive vehicles of all kinds. We also allow STREET LEGAL Rock Buggies - see the description for this in the Safari Magazine (NO UTV's, Sand buggies, crawlers or ATV's (Razors)) 

Q  How do I Register? 
A  You want to get a hold of the annual Safari magazine for planning purposes - this is a print publication that is mailed out ONCE A YEAR each January to those on the Red Rock 4-Wheelers' mailing list. The mailing list is only used for mailing of the Safari magazine and for the notice about the Labor Day Safari & Camp-Out event. All registration is online on this web site. To be on the mailing list, click here to request magazine. For more EJS info click here.

Q  What does it cost to register for an event?
A  Safari is $75.00 per vehicle per trail day for Easter Safari, the trails usually take the better part of a day. Labr Day is $300 for three day weekend, which includes camping fees, includes three breakfasts and Saturday night dinner

Q  What do the fees go to?
A  We pay BLM and State land fees, most of that money is used in our area to provide bathrooms, parking areas, trail marking, signs and maintenance and new camping areas such as the ones along the river.

Q & A  Drones - No drones are allowed on a trail ride during our events per the BLM and Park Services.

Q  What is the MUD fund?
A  The club has setup a Multiple Use Defense fund (MUD) to help keep the trails open. It is funded by annual contributions from the club and donations from supporters. 

Q  Info on Moab?
A  There are many books and websites that provide information on Moab - in accordance with our links policy, we provide here online sites you can check out: Moab HappeningsChamber of Commerce site and the Travel Council site. When you're in town, go to the "Visitor's Center" at Main and Center for additional resources.

Q  Maps?
A  "TRAILS" There are several guidebooks available, but no one book or map includes all the details of all the trails in and around Moab. The Easter Jeep Safari magazine includes a map that offers a good idea of where the trails are located that are part of the official runs.  We now have GPS coordinates as well as maps of our Official EJS trails - select the Trails tab, then select the trail you are interested in and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

Q  Weather?
A  You can find out the weather as predicted and followed by the Weather Channel online at http://www.weather.com/ - type in Moab Utah or the zip code which is 84532. But in terms of specifics, Moab is one of those places where the weather changes from each trail location and potentially several times throughout the day. Elevation runs from an in town range of 4000+ feet, to the upper mesas in the 5000 plus range, and the La Sal mountain range offering even higher elevations with peak points topping out over 11,000 feet!  The region tends to be dry - not humid, but spring time rains and even snows are familiar to those who've attended the spring events in past years.

Q  What do I need to ride Moab Trails?
A  Stock four wheel drive vehicles can handle many of the trails that are rated for the lower difficulty levels. For the most difficult terrain, high clearance seriously modified trucks of all types are the norm, but even then, some of the really tough terrain can cause problems for vehicles. Driver's experience and skill is a large part of what is needed to ride Moab trails.

Q  How can I join the Club as a member?
A  If you have a Profile in the website already, login.  Then select the SHOP tab above, then select Associate Membership and add to the cart - you can pay dues of $50/year. IF you do not have a profile in the website, you can enter one from the HOME tab. 

Q  How can I help?
A  To help recreational four wheeling in general, you can participate in your own local regional and national programs and clubs for keeping recreation available for now and future generations. The RR4W established a M.U.D. fund (Multi Use Defense Fund) to delegate money to support pro-active measures in land use issues. Find your local or national group that you feel is doing the right activities and be sure to support them. If you'd like to support the M.U.D. fund, donations can be sent to the RR4W noting that the money is for that fund. Commemorative pins are provided during Easter Jeep Safari for those donating $5 contribution or more. These annual commerative pins are available on the Store page. See the Responsible Recreation page for additional information.

Q  When do I need a permit? Fees?
A  Trail access in the Moab area covers all types of property - from private lands to BLM (Bureau of Land Management), to Forest Service managed lands, to the National and State Park systems. Each managing body may have different rules or possible fees to recreate on the road/trails. Here are some of the examples, not limited to: Sand Flats Recreation Area (the entrance to Hell's Revenge) $5 day use per vehicle and Pritchett Canyon: $2 private gate fee.
NOTE: During EJS or LDCO part of your registration fee covers the trail use permits that are acquired for hosting an event.(Except for Elephant Hill)
Please check with the appropriate land management office for the latest updates as to rules regulations and permits. At the time of writing, any organized 'event' that is promoted as such and has more than 25 vehicles on one trail constitutes the need for a group permit. Permits must be applied for many months in advance for organized groups. Permits are also required for commercial photography film and video on public lands. Contact information for the BLM office is: Moab Field Office 82 East Dogwood Moab, Utah 84532 Phone: (435) 259-2100 Fax: (435) 259-2106

Q  What is a Trail Supporter?
A  This program was implemented in 2010 and basically allows a participating vendor to make a donation to the MUD Fund in return for becoming a "Trail Supporter".  The Business will be acknowledged on the the trail description page during an event and will also be actively involved on the trail the day of their choosing.  They are basically paying for the privilege to go along on the trail and interact with YOU, the participant.  To choose trails with a Trail Sponsor see the bottom of the trail description page on this website or see "2024 MUD Fund Supporter Program" in the magazine.  The Red Rock 4-Wheelers are thankful for the show of support to the Clubs MUD Fund, which goes a long way towards our trail defense for the benefit of all of us in the four wheeling community.

Q What is the Cancellation Policy?  
 A full or partial cancellation received before the final date for cancellations shown on your confirmation information will allow us to re-open your reserved space for other registrants. A cancellation (any or all trails), if received in writing (mailed or e-mailed) prior to the deadline given in your confirmation information for any event, merits a refund of all but a $15 cancellation fee. After the deadline trail openings will not be filled, and all fees will be forfeited. Refunds will not be made until our treasurer has handled the more pressing Event business - allow up to 4 weeks for processing.  All fees are forfeited after an event has begun. No fees will be refunded because of broken vehicles or adverse weather, unless we cancel the trail.

*The information provided on this page and the entire website is as accurate and timely as possible and is subject to change without notice, please make sure to verify any mission critical information before making plans or arrangements. The Red Rock 4-Wheelers Inc. are in no way responsible for any actions taken as a result of viewing the information on this and these pages.