Gold Membership

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As a Gold Member you will receive all of the benefits of a regular associate member. These include early registrations for Easter Jeep Safari, quarterly newsletter keeping you up to date on club activities and the Jeep Safari magazine each year.

You will receive an exclusive black jacket with the Club logo and Gold Member embroidered on the back.  Please select your desired jacket size from the options below. You will also receive a deluxe wall plaque acknowledging your support of the clubs trail protection efforts. 

PLEASE NOTE: we'll use your First Name from your account for the jacket embroidery, unless you contact us otherwise.

The balance of the donation goes directly to the MUD Fund (Multiple Use Defense)

Thank you for supporting the Red Rock 4 Wheelers!

Gold Member

  • Gold Sponsors receive a Black Red Rock Jacket with name embroidered on front and Gold Member Appreciation Plaque with name engraved. (Please complete the details of your chosen reward below.)
  • Receive special edition quarterly newsletter, and the annual Jeep Safari Magazine.

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