Trail of the Month

                          The TOM departs from the North parking lot of City Market at 9:00 AM, unless otherwise noted.

                         Be sure to bring a lunch, plenty of water and a full tank of gas.  We look forward to seeing you!  


                                  Trail of the Month 2018


 Date                                                            Trail           (rating)                                                Leader


                            Wednesday, January 31st - Once in a Blue Moon run on 7-Mile Rim
                                     Meet at .......5:30pm at the air down spot for 7-Mile Rim

Air down for 7-Mile Rim location:  Line up on the left side of N. Hwy 191, just past the intersection to
Hwy 313 (Deadhorse Point rd), appx 11 miles N of town - across from the Archview Campark. 
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                                      More:   New monthly trail lineup coming in late January 2018.