Labyrinth Rim - Gemini Bridges update

Multiple Use Your help is needed: Labyrinth Rims/Gemini Bridges travel management area. (Location Moab/Grand County & Green River/Emery County - routes could be closed.

“This area is being examined due to a court settlement agreement reached on May 31, 2017, in the case titled Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance, et al. v U.S Department of the Interior, et al. This agreement has implications for travel and transportation planning efforts in the Richfield, Price, Moab, Kanab, and Vernal BLM field offices.”(excerpt BLM website)

     The Grand County Commissioners are recommending closure of a lot of roads in these areas, in order that other users can have a better experience: i.e., hikers, bikers and river floaters. . According to the commission 95% of the planning area is within half a mile of a motorized route; they want the BLM to aim for 15% of the planning area to be a mile or more from a motorized route and 30% to be a half mile from a motorized route. (See Grand County Commissioners recommendations in full, online in the Moab Sun News, dated Oct 21st and Dec 9th, 2021)
    NOW – we are going to need your help during the comment period which will begin on APRIL 4TH - MAY 5TH, regarding these closures. The BLM holds a lot of stock in a simple communication from YOU! We have proved this in the past. Your comments must be specific - why Not close this route, why not move the routes away from the canyon rims a half mile to a mile, etc.
Once the comment period opens in APRIL, you can find it at: Date delayed until further notice.
     In the meantime, look up Labyrinth Rims TMA Alternatives Map by Patrick McKay, Esq. Vice President, Colorado Offroad Trail Defenders:
He has PDF maps and one with roads in the area (red ones are ones the council wants to close).
Patrick has specifically identified some of the area's we all know and love below to mention in your missive to the BLM. Thank you Patrick.,
"I would not assume this won't seriously affect important trails. Alternative C, which due to its positioning as the middle ground alternative can be presumed to be the BLM's preferred alternative, would close the following major trails:
- Lower 2/3 of Ten Mile Canyon
- Upper 2/3 of Hell Roaring Canyon
- Most of Mineral Canyon
- The portion of the Buttes and Towers Safari trail looping around Pasture Butte (closed in all preliminary alternatives)
- The spur off the 3D trail into Hidden Canyon
- The eastern half of the 7-Up Trail
- One of the 3 overlook spurs at the end of Deadman Point
- The western loop of Rainbow Terrace
- Multiple designated dispersed camping spurs off Mineral Bottom Road and one off Cotter Mine Road
- Connecting routes from Metal Masher to West Arths Rim.
Alternative C also includes a spring seasonal closure of the Day Canyon Point trail, which would likely make it no longer eligible for inclusion in Easter Jeep Safari as it would be closed during peak spring season. In addition, the Hey Joe Canyon and Rusty Nail trails are probably going to be proposed for closure in the final version of alternative B. Those closures aren't as likely to be enacted in the final travel plan, but SUWA and Grand County will be campaigning hard for that.
The closures of two-thirds of the Ten Mile Canyon, Hell Roaring Canyon, and Mineral Canyon trails alone will be a major loss, along with many others that aren't well known but still provide access to some spectacular areas."