LaSal Pass

This trail is offered to let people escape the heat that summer brings to the area. It begins on the floor of Spanish Valley out in the Pack Creek area and climbs up to a flower filled meadow in the shadow of Mt Peale, one of the La Sal Mountain's high peaks. For those used to mountain trails, it will be old hat, but the views of the Moab area are still worth the trip. Those that haven't experienced mountain four wheeling the switchback filled climbs will probably amaze them as the road clings to the mountain side. The vegetation changes continually along the way, starting with the pinion and juniper zone up unto the dark timber forest, tossing in a few aspen stands, and finally the flower filled meadows near timberline. The return trip depends on the leader, so mileage is difficult to list exactly, start with a full tank of fuel and you'll be ready for anything!


Vista like views of the Moab valley, the Moab Rim, and the Behind the Rocks area.


Varies by section and altitude. Rutted dirt, loose shale rock, rock imbedded in roadbed, possible mud.

Trail Details

This trip is more for scenery and cool air than it is for challenge unless heights bother you. If that is the case, another trail choice would be wise. But the trip does offer a few sections that will put the vehicle and driver to work a little bit, and there usually is a mud hole or two to dirty up the rig as well.

A short side spur is also often used to access a large meadow that features fantastic views down to the valley below. Just past the 10,000 foot summit there is the Medicine Lakes area, ideal for a picnic or for just a nice afternoon nap in the cooler alpine air.

From the pass summit the leader has many choices, one loops around the mountains and drops back to Moab via the La Sal loop road, another descends to the La Sal town area and then back to Moab, a longer trip still would end up descending into Castle Valley and then return to Moab.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 36 miles minimum
Min Tire Size: stock
Winch: No
Front Locker: No
Rear Locker: No

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