3-D, The Pickle version

This trail tours the vicinity of colorful Hidden Canyon northwest of Moab before climbing out of it to explore an exposed section of the Entrada Sandstone Formation named the "Moab Tongue". It then joins a section of the 3d Trail that features the major obstacles of that trail, and ends with a steep descent of a rocky hill with a sharp ledge in the middle that is sure to test a few skidplates. Approximate mileages 59 total, 26 off highway.

In an effort to keep this trip enjoyable vehicles are required to have two locking differentials and tow rings or hooks on both ends.


Unlike the Moab Valley with its sheer Wingate Sandstone cliffs, this trail visits canyons that are less than a hundred feet deep in the smooth red and white Entrada Sandstone. The slickrock area is made up of the white sandstone that sometimes tops the Entrada called the Moab Tongue. Vistas are the Bookcliffs to the north, the LaSal Mountains to the southeast and occasional sightings of the Abajo Mountains to the south and the Henry Mountains toward the southwest.


There are some county road sections, some two track dirt sections, a sandy and possibly wet wash bottom, some really bumpy slickrock sections, and a rocky hill with a tall ledge.

Trail Details

The "Dill Pickle" will signal the start of the 4 wheeling. The Dill Pickle that just hates the shorter wheelbases. The "Pickle Slicer" may try to inflict body damage (this obstacle has been most affected by recent wet winters and may be filled in). The "Jalepino Pickle" will combine a climbing challenge with a sneaky thrust at the right front fender. "The Wall" and "Mean Hill" from the 3D Trail are encountered. Finally "I Drill Hill" will try to prove that sometimes you can get stuck going down a steep hill.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 59 miles, 26 off highway
Min Tire Size: 35+ inches
Winch: No
Front Locker: Yes
Rear Locker: Yes

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