Hells Revenge, Escalator to Hell

This trip is very similar to the normal Hell's Revenge trip. It covers the vast expanse of slickrock via steep climbs and descents, sometimes off camber twists and turns, with harrowing drops  to the sides in several areas. It adds Hells Gate and the Escalator to the obstacles of the regular trip, upping the trail rating a couple notches. Please study the Hell's Revenge trail description as well as this one before deciding upon this trip.

A winch is a highly recommended accessory for those taking this trail.


The large vistas sweep full circle from the LaSal Mountains to Arches National Park. There are views of the Colorado River canyon, part of Negro Bill Canyon, and the Moab valley. The large, barren expanse of slickrock is a site in itself.


In addition to the slickrock, there are rock ledges, broken rock, and a little blow sand.

Trail Details

This trip is designed for those that want to turn the flame up on Hells Revenge. Intended for the Yahoo Jeeper that has conquered all the regular optional challenges on Hells Revenge and thirsts for more. Well, Hells Gate ups the ante a bit with a steep climb up a chute that narrows and steepens as it goes up. Near the top the correct line is extremely important and reliance on a spotter is advised. Missing the line can result in a nasty series of rolls all the way to the bottom. The other additional obstacle to this warmed up version of Hells Revenge is encountered just before the Tip Over Challenge and is named the Escalator. It involves a multi tiered climb up a narrow V shaped notch in the slickrock. The correct line twists back and forth to keep out of the bottom of the notch, in places pressing the tires against the sides of the notch, and at other times featuring one of the front tires pawing at the air. Once past this obstacle, Tip Over Challenge is next, then Rubble Trouble hill still await.


Trail Rating


Trail Notes

Length: 17 total, 13 off highway
Min Tire Size: 35+ inches
Winch: No
Front Locker: Yes
Rear Locker: Yes

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